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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

GTunes Music Downloader (Full Version) APK


Search and download mp3 music from public domain via public search engines.
You can:
1. Search.
2. Download.
3. Edit track tag.
4. Shared for you friends (social networks, e-mail and others).
Tags: mp3 music download gtunes music tunee music downloader easy mp3 downloader music paradise super pro lite

FUNimation (Full Version) APK


Watch your favorite anime series and movies on a bigger screen! Take the FUNimation catalog with you everywhere you go, and get your fix at any time on your Android tablet! In HD and with more content for Subscribers! (see below for details)See videos from Fullmetal Alchemist, Rosario + Vampire, Hetalia, Fairy Tale, Sekirei, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, and many many more. New videos added every week!
UNIVERSAL APP – This app is universal with the FUNimation paid mobile app. This means when you purchase this app you will get the paid version of the FUNimation mobile app for free! To learn more about the FUNimation mobile app please visit
FUNimation app features:

F-Secure Mobile Security (Full Version) APK


F-Secure Mobile Security protects your mobile devices from all common threats. It guards against loss and theft, protects your children with powerful parental control functions, keeps your device free of malware and lets you browse the web safely. “We congratulate F-Secure for their excellent performance in this Android mobile antivirus test.” Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST
You get 6 months of protection.
Key Features
• Guard against loss and theft
• Protect your children
• Stay free of malware
• Browse the web safely

Froad (Full Version) APK

Help Froad catch his favourite bugs in this fun filled game for all the family
There is a creature that lives in the trees, who likes to eat everything, except stingy bees. It looks like a frog, or maybe a toad. But no one has asked, so they just call it Froad.

Help Froad catch his favourite bugs in this simple yet addictive single-tap game designed for all the family. Anyone can play, but how long can you last?

Tap anywhere on the screen to flick out Froad’s tongue and catch its favourite bugs. The more bugs you catch, the more days Froad will last!

Faster Downloads (Full Version) APK

FasterDownloads is a download accelerator that avoids Android's limitation when downloading files and gives you a much needed speed boost when you enable it's built-in Multithreaded Download! (Check the video for an example).This app will register itself as a handler for most well known file types, allowing you to download them however you want, whenever you want. It is specially useful on phones using Touchwiz (the Samsung Galaxy line), since their browser has a mediocre download manager).
Note: If you want to download with a Premium Rapidshare or account, you only have to log in using the app's integrated browser. It will automatically use your cookie to enable premium downloads :)
Some third party browsers (Firefox, Opera, Dolphin...) block other apps from directly accessing the URLs that you are browsing through, with a bad side effect: This download manager (and many other apps) can not intercept the Intents required.
Miren Browser is an awesome third party browser AND it is fully supported :)

Fast Reboot Pro v2.9 (Full Version) APK


Simulates a reboot and thus frees up memory - your phone will be much snappier!- Select processes that should be excluded from being restarted/closed!
- Schedule automatic fast reboots (e.g. every day at 4am)
- Option to automatically fast reboot when you unlock your device (from standby)
- Comes with a widget and a direct shortcut to instantly start a reboot
Simulates a reboot by closing/restarting all core and user processes (configurable) and thus frees up memory. Your phone should be much snappier after using Fast Reboot Pro.
Fast Reboot Pro now includes an option to automatically perform a "fast reboot" every time you unlock your device (i.e. when you turn it back on from sleep and "slide" to unlock). This way, your phone will _always_ be as fast and responsive as possible! In addition, you can now schedule a fast reboot so that your phone is fast rebooted automatically at a certain time each day (configured by

Farm Frenzy 2 (Full Version) APK


Farm Frenzy is back and better than ever - this time with added bears!Farm your way to mega success in Farm Frenzy 2!
The fun never stops in this thrilling arcade farming-sim featuring 90 addictive story-based levels! Grow crop, feed your chickens, collect eggs and take your produce to market. Spend the money you earn on new buildings that produce exciting products, including delicious steaks, tasty cakes and homely houseware. With tons of levels to complete and plenty of hidden gags to find, Farm Frenzy 2 offers a bumper crop of fun!
- 90 Story based levels of Farming Fun
- Sow the right crops, farm the right animals and grow your way to success
- Win all 19 Awards as you sow and create the greatest farm ever to grace the land!

Facebook Mobile v1.2.5 (Full Version) APK

Current Version:1.2.5
Requires Android:2.2 and up
V1.2.5 update:
• External links (YouTube, etc) now supported
• Settings -> Notifications/Update Interval
• New icon
• Various other improvements and bugfixes
Facebook Mobile+
Connect with your friends using Facebook!

This application is an implementation of the Facebook mobile website written into an application to allow advanced features. It uses the official Facebook SDK

Equalizer Unlock Key (Full Version) APK

Equalizer app and widget to regulate sound effects on your Android device.
Equalizer Unlock Key,download,free,apk,androidImprove your phone/tablet/Google TV's sound quality with the primary true Equalizer app and home-screen widget!
Equalizer helps you to regulate sound impact levels in order that you get the most effective out of your Music or Audio starting up of your phone. Apply Equalizer Presets based mostly on Music Genre, or quickly produce your own custom preset with the five band Equalizer controller. further Audio Effects supported include: Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Reverb Presets.
This will unlock Equalizer with its full functionality. Added functionality that's not a part of the free version:
★ Save Custom Presets

E Numbers Calc (Full Version) APK

There are food additives in almost every food that you consume - some of them are safe, but some are harmful to your health. With this application, you can quickly check „which is which“ whenever you go shopping.

This application can assist you in your food shopping. With the E Calculator, you can find the additive by its E number very quickly, or you can search the additive by name, using the E List (this case is especially useful when the food manufacturer uses names of additives instead of E numbers). E numbers are categorized from 1 (good) to 5 (dangerous), to give you an idea about their safety or health risks.

More than 500 food additives with their name, safety level and purpose are included in this

Endomondo PRO (Full Version) APK


Make fitness fun with this personal trainer and social fitness partner.Endomondo is the highest rated app of its kind on Android and ideal for running, cycling, walking and any other distance-based activity.
Join 10 million users and start freeing your endorphins!
This is the PRO version of the popular Endomondo Sports Tracker!
Please see What's New on Google Play for latest changes.
PRO features:
* Interval programs: Choose from three programs or create your own and let the audio coach guide you
* Graphs: View graphs with your lap times, heart rate, speed and altitude throughout the workout
* Beat yourself: Set a previous workout as your goal and the audio coach will help you perform better this time

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dynomaster (Full Version) APK


The best dyno and drag racing app for Android!Dynomaster is a powerful dyno and drag racing app.
•¼ Mile & Custom ETs
•Data Replay
•Power Calculator
•Dyno Graphs
•Satellite & Street View
•Google Earth, MSExcel
•Time Slips on Facebook
•Custom Speedos
•Bluetooth GPS Add-on
•Best Accuracy
•No Calibration
See website for changelog & user guide.


DroidStats Premium key(Full Version) APK


Watch your call, sms and data limits, save costs and get interesting statsThanks for buying us a beer ;-)
This app is a key which unlocks additional feature for DroidStats. The number features will increase in future. At the moment this features are added:
- Configure all your widgets (Which statistic to show?)
- Configure transparency of your widgets
- unlocks the 4x1 widget
- unock the alternative 1x1 one-slot widget
- unlock the StatusbarWidget which integrates in the Notification Area
- Data-per-App feature (Android 2.2+ phones)
- see a chronological log of all sms and call events with additional infos

Instagram (Full Version) APK


Instagram – A beautiful way to share your world. It's fast, free and fun! 

Pick from one of several gorgeous filtered effects to breathe a new life into your mobile photos. Transform everyday moments into works of art you'll want to share with friends and family.

Share your photos in a simple photo stream with friends to see - and follow your friends' photos with the click of a single button. Every day you open up Instagram, you'll see new photos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.


☆ 100% free custom designed filters and borders
☆ Lux works its magic by making your photos more vibrant and brings out details in your photos you couldn't see before

DroidEdit Pro v1.14.1 (code editor) (Full Version) APK


DroidEdit Pro - a source code editor for Android with SFTP supportDroidEdit is a text and source code editor (similar to Notepad++ or gedit) for android tablets and phones with the following features:
- Syntax Highlighting for several languages (C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, SQL, ...)
- Several color themes
- Infinite undo & redo
- Search & replace
- Auto & block indentation
- Keep opened files and changes between sessions
- Open files directly from dropbox or a file manager

DroidMote Server (Full Version) APK


Android to Android Wifi Remote Control Server. ** THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES ROOT **
Control your Android device from the comfort of your couch.
This is the server part and must be installed on the Android device you want to control. Moreover, with DroidMote, you can use all the multitouch applications and games, even on devices that do not have the touch screen (e.g. a TV!).
The client is a free android application: "DroidMote Client".
ATTENTION: The uinput module is required. A lot of Android devices already have this module by default, but everyone can have it. Read the FAQ, before buying or putting a negative vote, or contact the developer to solve your problems. All negative reviews on this app come only from people who have not contacted the developer via email. DroidMote work very well also on MK802, you must only install the new firmware with uinput inside (read the FAQ). I cannot answer or help in the comments of Google Play.

Drainworks (Full Version) APK


Get Drainworks Now! 48 levels challenge your dexterity and puzzle-solving skillsBefore there was Where's My Water, Feed Me Oil, or Sprinkle and Sprinkle Jr., there was Drainworks!
Play the #1 UK Hit for iPhone on your Android Device!
** Does not run on an HTC Hero!
** Please email support if you encounter any technical issues and we will fix ASAP!
Splash into the world of Drainworks - The best water physics puzzle game on the planet!
-48 unique levels await you, challenging your dexterity and your puzzle-solving skills.
-Drainworks boasts realistic water physics, an original soundtrack, and a host of achievements.
-Twist, touch and push your way through 4 distinct worlds to collect runaway water - do it quickly and without losing a drop for maximum scores.
-Simple and intuitive enough for a child to enjoy, but deep and challenging enough for the most determined gamer.


ROM Manager v5.0.0.7 (Full Version) APK


Must have app for any root user. Make backups, flash ROMs, and own your device.ROM Manager is THE MUST HAVE APP for any Android root user. (Over 3 million downloads and counting!)
* Flash your recovery to the latest and greatest ClockworkMod recovery.
* Manage your ROMs via a handy UI.
* Organize and perform backups and restores from within Android!
* Install ROMs from your SD card.
* Install your favorite ROMs over the air!
Premium Version:
* Premium ROMs
* Receive notifications for when your ROM is updated!
* Automatic backups
* Install from QR Code
* Web Connect
* Support

IDM -Internet Download Manager v1.0 (Full Version) APK

IDM - Internet Download Manager in your Android.

Download your files with faster speeds. Simply Long Press on a link on your browser and choose "Share Link", click "IDM" and start the download!

This application can split maximum of 32 parts!

- You need 2x(file size) the space on your storage to download a file in this very first version.
- For some server, the maximum connections is limited. So, if you continuous get ERROR, please set lower maximum parts in Setting to download file from that server.

Tags: IDM, Internet, Internet Download, Internet Download Manager, Download, Download Manager, turbo download, flashget, downloads, idm, adm, android idm

Latest version: 1.0 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)


Cut the Rope v1.3 (Full Version) APK

Cut the Rope, catch a star, and feed Om Nom candy in this award-winning game!
The long-awaited hit game has finally arrived at Android! Join MORE THAN 60 MILLION PEOPLE who have already played this game and gave it an average rating of 4.81 (out of 5)!

The little monster Om Nom is hungry and the only thing standing between him and a full belly is you – that is your help cutting the ropes that hold the candy he wants. Swipe your finger across the ropes to release the delicious bundles into his mouth. But don’t forget to collect the stars and break the bubbles along the way – easier said than done when enemies and obstacles await!

Cut the Rope is an award-winning mobile game from ZeptoLab, was an instant phenomenon in the

Cross Court Tennis v2.1.1 (Full Version) APK

2 ways to play this Tennis Game, Auto-Run or Tap to Run!
Try out this Tennis game for the TOUCH screen!


Instant Play, 3 levels of difficulty
Career Mode, become the next SuperStar!
Upgrade skills through mini training
Compete against 35 different Opponents with varying skills

Crazy Snake v1.4.1 (Full Version) APK

This is a new amazing version of a classical snake game!!!
You control one snake. Other snakes have artificial intelligence. Snakes can move to any direction!
Each level of the game consists of three sub-levels with their goals:

DEATHMATCH - kill all enemy snakes.
GROW FIRST - the first increase to a certain length.
DOMINATION - a team game. You should capture control points. The goal of the team - first to collect a specified number of points.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Gangstar Miami Vindication (Full Version) APK

Enjoy the most immersive full-3D crime simulation ever on smartphone! Gangstar: Miami Vindication has a new, unique feel that delivers a deep storyline of revenge: plunge into Miami gang life and live a fast-paced adventure to liberate your little brother who has been kidnapped by the Armada gang for unknown reasons…


A long lifespan, far beyond the typical smartphone game, with more than 75 varied missions: infiltrate gangs, snipe enemies, escort witnesses, chase cars and survive the jungle of Miami.
An amazing reconstruction of an entire sprawling metropolis with a massive open-ended environment that recreates Miami, including Downtown, Miami Beach, The Harbor, Miami Bay, and The Swamps.
New amazing vehicles to drive, from regular cars & motorcycles to boats, jet skis and even a

Gangstar West Coast Hustle (Full Version) APK

Requirements: Full list is in the rar file
Operating System: Android
Overview: Move to the West Coast and immerse yourself in L.A. gang life with the new Gangstar. Explore more realistic environments than ever for a unique gameplay experience. Complete 50 different missions that combine the best of action games and driving games.

Fishing Kings HD v3.2.9 (Full Version) APK

Download Fishing Kings apk and Capture plenty of species of fish in five different places all over the world inside the greatest sportfishing simulation game!Fifteen stunning 3D reef fishing places throughout the world, which includes deep sea fishing inside the BahamasSnatch in excess of Thirty varieties of fish according to your region, such as largemouth bass, piranha as well as marlin.
Update Version of Fishing Kings HD: 
  • Size:2.99 MB 
  • Version: 3.2.6 
  • Class:Foreign software 
  • Run systemAndroid Syste


Fast 5 (Full Version) APK

The explosive franchise built on speed is back with Fast Five, and this model comes fully loaded! Play as Brian O'Conner on the wrong side of the law and assemble an elite team of top racers. Get behind the wheel of your dream car to battle opponents in the ultimate high-stakes racing game that follows the movie storyline.

- Escape hard-nosed federal agent Luke Hobbs by tearing up the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the Dominican Republic, Hong Kong and more!
- Get behind the wheel of famous cars from the film, including the latest Dodge Challenger 2011 and Dodge Charger 2011

Eternal Legacy HD (Full Version) APK

Enter a huge world made of cinematic 3D environments in this intense role-playing game, a worthy heir of its Japanese predecessors. The absorbing story implies heavy responsibilities: as Astrian, you must save Algoad from destruction and restore the living bond between humans and nature. Enjoy dozens of hours of exploration and fighting in majestic landscapes. Talk to the people you meet, featuring full voice acting: they may join your team, reveal some secret, give you a quest, and more. The thrilling turn-based fighting system will bring you to the heart of action!

Dungeon Hunter (Full Version) APK

When the darkness awoke, evil flooded over the land of Gothicus. Dispel the darkness in your realm, uncover your memory concerning terrible events and fight the evil queen who tyrannizes the kingdom… the queen you liked. Dungeon Hunter could be a 3D epic quest set in a very dark fantasy world, within the tradition of the foremost successful action RPGs.

- Discover the big world of Gothicus and achieve differing types of quests and missions: explore, kill, protect, notice special items… five faeries, every with the

Brothers In Arms 2 (Ful Version) APK

DescriptionOn these battlefields, soldiers become heroes.

Now you can play the highly acclaimed Brothers in Arms series for FREE! Prepare to step onto the most intense and explosive battlefields of WWII.


Download the game and start playing for free in Story mode or Multiplayer. Earn Dog Tags and XP as you play that can be used to unlock tons of extra featur

Block Breaker 3 (Full Version) APK


The ultimate block-breaking experience for free!Block Breaker 3, the critically acclaimed smartphone puzzle game is back for FREE!
“Block Breaker 3 Unlimited boasts more features than every other Breakout clone on the market put together.”
- Pocket Gamer

Backstab (Full Version) APK


Take on the role of Henry Blake application, a broken man whose life was stripped away, and help in his quest for justice and revenge. Climb, jump and sneak your way through diverse settings to reach your target and strike down adversaries. Use your deadly fighting skills and the combo-based combat system to defeat your nemesis and anyone else who gets in your way. Roam freely across a huge island and gaze upon its magnificent full-3D environments and experience the feeling of an immersive, realistic world around you thanks to impressive non-player character interactions with true-to-life voice effects.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations (Full Version) APK


Uncover the final revelations of the brotherhood.Play as Ezio and Alta├»r at two different times in Constantinople’s great history and uncover the ultimate secrets of the Assassins’ Brotherhood. Eliminate plenty of dangerous enemies thanks to a wide range of assassination moves and tricks. Recruit assassins, and send them on missions so that they can gain experience to help you throughout the game, and use Da Vinci’s legendary flying machine in thrilling top-down levels.


Asphalt 6 AdrenalineFull Version) APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Race the world. Feel the adrenaline.

 Feel the thrill of arcade racing like never before in the newest adrenaline-pumping game of the Asphalt series.

 Discover 42 cars and bikes from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ducati and other world-class manufacturers. Collect them in your own 3D garage.

 You can even take on friends in Online and Local Multiplayer mode for up to 6 racers. Climb the online leaderboard to be the best in the world!

Asphalt 5(Full Version) APK

Take a ride in over 30 of the fastest, most prestigious cars and bikes you’ve ever dreamed, from manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati.

Highly polished HD graphics let you see every detail and animation of the track as you speed over snow, mud, dirt and more in 12 beautiful locations around the world including St. Tropez, Aspen and Las Vegas. Discover hidden shortcuts and jump off ramps!

9mm HD v1.0.1 (Full Version) APK

9mm App Description :
A game which include action , guns , the ablity of slow motion moves . john Kannon looks like the leader of the special team squad and his job is to clean up the street and kill all the drug mafia persons . The game is belong some where near to Mexico .There is only one option fro the John Kannon team that they have to take down the enemies with their guns .

Features :
3D Action Game
Fighting Action

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Connection Tracker Pro (Full Version) APK

Requirements: 1.5 and up
Overview: Connection Tracker Pro
 Keep your phone secure by monitoring connections in the background and data usage,local.remote Ip address, city, country and company information for every application which uses network connection.

 You can easily keep track of applications and services' data usage,local remote ip address and country information and get notification when a connection is made in the background.
 By monitoring the Application Data Out information rather than Data In , it gives you an exact idea how much data is send out by specific application .

Columns Deluxe (Full Version) APK

2 in 1 addictive puzzle fun! Take the challenge in a double dose of classic puzzle games from SEGA - Columns and Puyo POP! Return to ancient Phoenicia and behold the jeweled Columns as you strategically align falling gems across, down or diagonally. Let the screen fill with gems and its game over. In Puyo Pop, race against the clock to match color groups of cute gelatinous Puyos and create chain reactions as they fall. Play against the clock or take on the computer in your phone for hours of challenging gameplay. Easy to pick up, difficult to master and fiendishly addicting!


Colorix HD (Full Version) APK


Experience one of the most addictive games ever,
Once you start you can´t stop!

We bring you one of the best puzzle games ever, now in HD!

Experience this fun game with 3D rolling marbles and astonishing smooth animations.

Magazine Reviews:
"Colorix is a fantastic tetris-like strategic puzzle game!" Swiftworld

“If you're a fan of puzzlers and you're using a Google Android device this game is a must have!” BrightHub

"This game is not your typical play and throw away… this app can be fun, challenging and addictive!" AndroidTapp

Cocktail Frenzy (Full Version) APK

Current version:1.0.4
Requires Android:1.5 and up
Cocktail Frenzy is an exciting bar simulation game.
You have to mix together ingredients to prepare drinks for customers before they lose their patience.
Earn money throughout your career and buy new cocktail recipes.
We wish you tons of fun!


Clayframes (Full Version) Apk

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Now you can create smooth stop-motion and time-lapse in minutes, on the move - anywhere. Clayframes is an easy to use utility for making stop-frame animation (or claymation) and time-lapse movies.

Now you can create smooth stop-motion and time-lapse in minutes, on the move - anywhere.

Clayframes is an easy to use utility for making stop-frame animation (or claymation) and time-lapse movies.

Please try before you buy: Clayframes Lite is the free trial version. Try making a movie with the Clayframes Lite demo app before buying this one to make sure it will work on your device.

Catch That Bus (Full Version) APK


CatchThatBus shows departure times for buses from 370,000 bus stops in England, Scotland & Wales.

The app shows minutes until the bus is expected where real time information is available, otherwise it displays the scheduled bus time.

Bus times are provided for almost every bus company in the country. If you have any questions before purchasing, please email me using the "Send email to developer" link below or email

Search for bus stops at your current location or by name or postcode. Save favourites for quick access.


CallRecorder Full (Full Version) APK

This program records phone calls from the phone line on some phones. Such recording is not usually available out-of-the-box, it needs hardware support in your OS kernel and root access. If you have an HTC device, you're in clover if you've got a custom ROM. Otherwise, please visit the xda site, there're plenty.

Basically any device is supported, provided that it's based on a Qualcomm chip, say, their Snapdragons, etc. If your device has no such support, the program still records phone calls, but you

Burn The Rope v1.2.20 (Full Version) APK

Burn the Rope is a challenging game where you try to burn as much rope as you can in each level. There’s a catch! The fire only burns upwards, leaving you to tilt and turn the puzzle to keep your flame alive!

As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter bugs crawling along the rope. Different bugs have different reactions to the flame. For example, the ant changes the color of the flame so you can burn different colored ropes, and the spider shoots out a web bridge so you can access parts of the level that you could not before.

Burn the Rope is incredibly fun and addictive. You will actually feel like you're burning a rope, yet there's no need for a fire extinguisher!

BloodPressure Companion v1.0 (Full Version)APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: If you have experienced the consequences of high blood pressure or if you have seen them in a person close to you, you know how important it is to pay attention to your blood pressure.

In addition to ensuring a healthy lifestyle and diet, regular monitoring and recording of blood pressure is essential. For people at risk of high blood pressure, this usually means measuring and recording their blood pressure levels at least twice a day. To have a real chance of sustaining this discipline, this regular blood pressure check needs to be integrated into daily life and made as easy as possible. One way to do so is by using the BloodPressureCompanion.

Block Story v3.2.3 (Full Version) APK

What, stone by stone, build your house.
Protect your home with a weapon in your hand.
And one day ... Resist evil, unseen until now.
Fight and win!

Hunt for unknown monsters! On land and under water
Choose the path of creation ... Or destroy everything in its path!
Explore a truly infinite world.
Take off into the sky!
Choose the type of weapon that fits you and develop the skill of possession to perfection.
But always be ready to meet with something that will kill you ...

Friday, 7 September 2012

Bejeweled APK (Full Version)

Match sparkling gems 3 at a time to make them burst into showers of color and points

Blast 4 or more to create power gems that boost your score and your mood with brilliant cascades and combos

Soar to gem-matching heights in Classic mode, or speed through matches against the clock in Action mode

For more high-carat fun, bump up your brainwaves with multi-faceted puzzles, or enter the Zen state of Endless play


Windows 7 for Android v1.0 APK

It's finally here! Windows 7 for Android! You can now emulate a desktop pc on your Android device.
Please Note: If you have a Motorola Phone with Motoblur please download "Moto Home Fix" by Nightshade Labs to choose the home application.

This home application can replace the default home application (if desired) and allows you to access anything on your phone through Windows 7 for Android. No other application required! This is unlike most home or theme applications that require Launcher Pro or similar apps. This means more memory for you and a quicker interface.
This application includes many great features; task bar, start menu, widgets page, and of course the desktop. It will function just like a windows computer would function. The task bar includes the main features of your device; the start button, the browser, messaging, dialer, and the launcher.

Just Dance 3 Autodance APK (Full Version)


Make your friends dance - even the ones that can’t.Simply record your friends doing stuff, and the Autodance app will sync their movements to a choice of dance tracks. Then, like magic, they'll be shaking their stuff in their own instant dance music video.
Share their new found talent on Facebook, or upload to Youtube. Everyone is Autodancing; from grannies to dogs, from builders to toddlers. See why, download the app today, it's totally free.
Watch some of the 50,000 hilarious user generated Autodance videos already uploaded to our
App compatible with the following handsets:
HTC Desire S / HD / Z
Samsung Galaxy S1 /S2
Google Nexus S
Requires Android 2.2


AudioTool v5.2.2 APK (Free Version)

Features 1/1, 1/3 & 1/6 octave RTA modes, RT60 (wideband, Octave), spectrogram, peak frequency, Fast, Medium & Slow filters, Flat & A/C Weighting, Averaging, SPL Chart Recorder, Noise Criteria, White/Pink Noise, Sine, Square, Triangle, Sweep, Ramp and Impulse signals & loudspeaker polarity checker.

Frequency spectrum store & load, von Hann windowing, "Keep Screen On".

Now with ISO Octave Calibration feature - correct for your phone's microphone response! Move the calibration discs up or down so as to obtain a flat response, and match the overall SPL to that of an external meter.

AudioTools's Spectrum Analyzer component uses FFT on batches of samples recorded at the microphone. Hann windowing reduces aliasing. Recorded spectra may be stored as files on the SD card, and then loaded later and displayed together with the live spectrum.