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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Equalizer Unlock Key (Full Version) APK

Equalizer app and widget to regulate sound effects on your Android device.
Equalizer Unlock Key,download,free,apk,androidImprove your phone/tablet/Google TV's sound quality with the primary true Equalizer app and home-screen widget!
Equalizer helps you to regulate sound impact levels in order that you get the most effective out of your Music or Audio starting up of your phone. Apply Equalizer Presets based mostly on Music Genre, or quickly produce your own custom preset with the five band Equalizer controller. further Audio Effects supported include: Bass Booster, Virtualizer and Reverb Presets.
This will unlock Equalizer with its full functionality. Added functionality that's not a part of the free version:
★ Save Custom Presets
★ Delete, Edit, Rename Presets
★ produce Home-screen shortcut for Presets

★ Backup and Restore Presets from SD card