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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

F-Secure Mobile Security (Full Version) APK


F-Secure Mobile Security protects your mobile devices from all common threats. It guards against loss and theft, protects your children with powerful parental control functions, keeps your device free of malware and lets you browse the web safely. “We congratulate F-Secure for their excellent performance in this Android mobile antivirus test.” Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST
You get 6 months of protection.
Key Features
• Guard against loss and theft
• Protect your children
• Stay free of malware
• Browse the web safely

Supported languages
English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese (People's republic of China), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesia, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)
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Guard against loss and theft
If you can't find your mobile device but know it must be nearby, you can activate a loud alarm – even if the device is in silent mode – to track it down. If it really seems to be lost or it has been stolen, you can lock it and erase all data on it remotely to prevent sensitive information and content from falling into the wrong hands. If someone changes the SIM card, a Theft Control function locks the device automatically and reports the thief's phone number to you. Remote Locate also lets you remotely locate the device – and hence the person using it – at any time.
Protect your children
Parental Control features keep your children safe from unsuitable web content and online contacts. Content can be filtered using predefined settings based on the child's age. Alternatively, you can manually block any or all of 15 different content categories (adult, blogs, chat, dating, drugs, forums, gambling, hate, sandbox, social networking, sport, travel, violence, weapons and webmail). You can also manage the types of apps that your child is allowed to use: Parental authorization is required before installed apps can be used. The Safe Contacts function prevents unwanted calls and messages by blacklisting certain numbers. Location Control makes it easy for you to locate your child.
Stay free of malware
F-Secure Mobility Security gives you automatic real-time protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans and harmful applications that can secretly access and disclose your private information. This is all done automatically from the cloud, giving you the fastest protection against new mobile threats as they emerge. Immediate response and fast cures are guaranteed by the world-renown F-Secure Labs, which is in operation 24/7 worldwide.
Browse the web safely
F-Secure Mobile Security reliably identifies which websites are safe and which would be better to avoid. Harmful sites designed to spread malware or steal your online identity (phishing sites) are identified automatically in the background. A clear warning is issued to you, preventing you from inadvertently entering malicious sites, thereby ensuring a safe online experience and that your bank account details are always safe. Known phishing sites too are blocked automatically. All-round browsing protection thus gives you the freedom to explore the web in peace and safety.