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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sacred Odyssey : Rise of Ayden (Full version) APK

Rise of Ayden HD (sacred journey: the awakening of Eden), this small magical adventure RPG game screen is also very outstanding, fighting The dazzling animation abnormal is a finger and a visual
This is a story about a young hero Eden (Ayden)!
In this fantasy world, peace is threatened as never before, because the Utah Asian Holy Grail (Uryah,) broken into four, scattered around the world, so the devil Amonbane force has been unprecedented power, it decided to coming out to conquer the world.
In this case, our protagonist Aydin gorgeous debut, he stepped in, the of four Utah Asia Holy Grail fragments together again, and for magical strength to defeat the devil Amonbane. It will be unusually
strenuous battle, in the process of saving the world, Princess Lyanora dedication help him, but thiscEden will be able to successfully save the world do?
Game Features
A fantastic epic adventure story; Ride your horses across the vast grasslands Kingdom, the use of the hands of a mighty sword through the enemy's area, in this adventure, you'll see a lot of magical place and powerful enemies;
In Urvale plains overcome evil creatures to fend off the attacks the live two major devil final the Royal castle hall, Kivira with the the ultimate BOSS devil
Amonbane fight to the death; 
The beginning of the game you will only have a simple sword, but then you will continue to get new weapons and skills, and soon you will be able to flexible use of Holy Shield maneuver Eagle, the Cobra hook and Platinum gloves