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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Angry Birds Space (Full Cracked)

Enter the all new adventurous space of Rovio’s Angry Birds in their chase of the green pigs that have stolen their eggs. Angry Birds Space For Android has been in Google Play for quite a while and up to now it’s recorded as one of the most highly rated apps.

The storyline goes into the birds’ struggle to get their eggs back which have been stolen by the old green pigs. Unlike the latest version, this brand new app offers you some fresh environment in the game. The pigs along with the birds enter some sort of wormhole, taking them to the unknown space full with new challenges. The space pigs are a bit harder to beat but the angry birds now come with power that has never been revealed before.

In this game, there are 60 levels that you

’ve got to finish in order to complete the game. Since it takes place on space with zero gravity, you’ll find a lot of challenging stuff, one of them is the rotating pigs that you have to strike. The following is a list of additional features of the app
  • Brand new birds with brand new power 
  • Floating adventure in the unknown galaxy 
  • Lots of shooting tricks utilizing the zero gravity
  • Hours of fun