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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Lord Master (Full Cracked)

Command your troops, swing your sword, and bring together the war torn world!
From a mercenary to a knight, a lord, and eventually a kinga€¦
Command your troops, swing your sword, and bring together the war torn continent as one!
Language options: Japanese and English
Huge battles between huge armies
Ride your horse and dive in with your spear
Give objectives to your army and command them to victory
Fight on the field with your sword
Survive the battle field that few hundred men fight on!

Four countries that are rich in diversity, the Republic of Elysium, a paradise for merchants and ships for trade … The Kingdom of Dardania, dark buried in volcanic ash … The Holy Roman Empire of Crete, a religious country covered with snow … The Royal Kingdom Fredea, stand quietly in the depths of the woods … Choose your favorite country and are aimed to be king!
Be for a moment in the cities to talk to civilians with a hint of how to get to win battles Visit the blacksmith to improve your weapons and armor, recruit soldiers to fight in the tavern Visit your struggles between cities for preparing your adventure!
More than 20 bases, and more than 10 characters With your allies knight, ahead Your troops in a hostile Country And to take over are fighting, their castles! Serve your country and raise your scores, you make the locks and throw their army!